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Climate change and environmental attitudes

Experimental evidence of an environmental attitude-behavior gap in high-cost situations, Ecological Economics, 2019, 166 //with Bravo, Giangiacomo and Farjam, Mike

We use a large scale online experiment to show that positive environmental attitudes become practically realized only when the associated costs are low. The irony is that low costs tend to be associated with low impact.

Investing into climate change mitigation despite the risk of failure. Climatic Change, 2019, 154 (3) //with Bravo, Giangiacomo and Farjam, Mike

Does risk communication really decrease cooperation in climate change mitigation? Climatic Change, 2018, 149 (2) //with Bravo, Giangiacomo and Farjam, Mike

Social and procedural preferences

I win it's fair, you win it's not. Selective heeding to merit in dictator games. IRENE Working Papers No. 17-12 (2017), revise and resubmit at PLOS ONE //with Kandul, Serhiy

If I do not ask for help, it does not mean I do not need it: Experimental analysis of recipients’procedural preferences for redistribution. IRENE Working Papers No. 17-13 (2017) //with Kandul, Serhiy

Forced inactivity and cooperative behavior //with Mill, Wladislaw

Information and learning

Color me honest! Time pressure and dis(honest) behavior //with Hausladen, Carina

Does it pay to know more in games of incomplete information?

Explaining speed of learning in games by relative payoff variation.

How unconditional is conditional cooperation? //with Katuscak, Peter and Krasovskiy, Kirill


Migration from Ukraine: Brawn or brain? IZA Discussion Paper No. 7348 (2013) //with Commander, Simon John and Vikhrov, Dmytro