Most important!

  • read the instructions at the bottom of this page;
  • be online at 1555 on Thursday (German time);
  • login in here for the actual experiment;
  • login in here for announcements and discussion.


As part of the second block of the exercise sessions, adapted versions of some prominent experiments will be conducted online.

The general idea is for you to gain some experience from the perspective of an actual participant. Try to approach these experiements with that in mind. For instance, you should not use your knowledge of Nash equilibrium to determine what to choose in a given situation. The right approach would be to imagine that you have never taken this course in fact.

I won't be providing any material payoff for participation so again, you would have to humor me and try to imagine that you care about that. Since we all have to work as a group in fairly precarious conditions, please be patient and try not to get distracted so that others don't have to wait for you too much.

Again, these experiments will be flawed in many ways so they should not be taken seriously from the methodological perspective. They are intended to provide you with a certain experience that will hopefully motivate your reasoning and guide your learning altogether.


When active, the experiments can be reached by clicking this link. You must use your personal id to login.

While it is possible to participate using a smartphone, it is recommended that you have something with a larger screen instead. The only piece of software that you need is a web browser.

Each experiment will follow a particular lecture and will take place at 1600 on Thursday (German time). I will make the instructions available at least 24 hours in advance and expect you to know them before the experiment starts. Should you have any questions, write me an e-mail.

I will open a chat using 'Talk' on for real time communication. You will have to confirm your readiness there as I need to know the exact number of participants in a given session. Once an experiment has started, I won't be able to add further participants so don't be late. There will be a time limit for each decision to keep the pace under control.

Each experiment will be accompanied by a video explaning the actual scientific paper behind it. In that video, I will also use last year's data from students like you to illustrate what conclusions one would reach were that data taken seriously.


Instructions below follow the original as close as possible. I did not attempt to improve them in any way intentionally. If they are unclear, write me an e-mail.