Below, you can find the tentative time schedule for the course as well as download the associated lecture notes as we progress.

Week Exercise Lecture

15 [Public Holiday]
16 Orientation Brief History and Overview of Experimental Economics
17 Choice Theory Recap Engineering Economic Experiments
18 Game Theory Recap Incentives
19 Game Theory Recap Student Subjects. Deception
20 Game Theory Recap Framing. Demand and Expectancy Effects
21 Game Theory Recap Cooperation Games: Prisoner's Dilemma
22 Classroom Experiment Coordination Games
23 Classroom Experiment Ultimatum Bargaining
24 Classroom Experiment Trust and Reciprocity Games
25 Classroom Experiment [Dies Academicus]
26 Sample Exam Discussion Public Goods Games
27 Classroom Experiment Information Cascades
28 Classroom Experiment Sample Exam Discussion